Thank you to the many contributors to the Chinese Film Classics project

Chinese Film Classics is a collaborative research and learning project led by Christopher Rea.
Thank you to the people and organizations who have contributed to its development over the years.
Please contact the project leader if you are interested in getting involved.

Researchers and Educators

Tina Anckarman (National Library of Norway)
Bao Weihong (UC Berkeley)
Brian Bernards (USC)
Michael Berry (UCLA)
Yomi Braester (UW)
William Brown (UBC)
Russell Campbell (Victoria U Wellington)
Eileen Cheng-yin Chow (Duke)
Dorinda Elliott (China Institute NYC)
Paul Fonoroff
Guo Ying (UCSD)
Tamar Hanstke (UBC)
Yuk Yee Marie Hui (UBC)
Wilt Idema (Harvard and Leiden)
Wendy Jang (Richmond Public Library)
Henry Jenkins (USC)
Andrew F. Jones (UC Berkeley)
Dorothy Ko (Barnard)
Shiamin Kwa (Bryn Mawr)
Diana Lary (UBC)
Ang Lee
Jordan Levine
Jie Li (Harvard)
Hui Liu (Minnesota)
Liu Yuqing (UBC)
Aaron Nicholson (China Institute NYC)
Richard Pena (Columbia)
Qian Ying (Columbia)
Andrew Rodekohr (Wake Forest)
Lorraine Shen (UBC)
Thomas Shoener
Nick Stember (Cambridge)
Hans van de Ven (Cambridge)
Wang Chun-chi (Taiwan Film & Audiovisual Institute)
David Der-wei Wang (Harvard)
Gary Wong (Toronto)
Wu Meng (UBC)
Diann Xu (Vancouver Public Library)
Xu Lanjun (NUS)
Yao Jiaqi (UBC)
Zhang Zhen (NYU)
Frank S. Zhou (Andover/Harvard)

Institutional and Technical Support

Video lectures were filmed by Dr. Jordan Levine of Transliminal Media. Production of the video lectures was funded with a grant from the UBC Dean of Arts office thanks to the support of Professor Rumee Ahmed, Associate Dean of Strategy & Innovation, UBC Faculty of Arts. Dr. Julie Wei assessed their effectiveness in several iterations of the UBC course ASIA 345: Chinese Film Classics. Website design assistance was provided by UBC Arts Instructional Support & Information Technology staff, including Leanna Chow, Andrew Chu, Angela Lam, Emma Novotny, Daniel Pugh, and Robin Xie.

The UBC Scholarly Publication Subvention Fund helped to offset production costs related to the book Chinese Film Classics, 1922-1949 (Columbia, 2021). Thanks to Jennifer Crewe, Christine Dunbar, Christian Winting, Kathryn Jorge, Caitlin Hurst at Columbia University Press; and to Ben Kolstad and Patricia Rea. Research and development was accelerated by a UBC study leave.

The C.V. Starr East Asian Library at the University of California, Berkeley granted permission for the reproduction and publication of images from the Paul Kendel Fonoroff Collection for Chinese Film Studies, both in the book and on this website. Special thanks to Head of Information and Public Services Susan Xue, Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections Deborah Rudolph, and Taylor Ovca.

Thanks also to the longstanding and ongoing research support of the staffs of the Asian Library and Inter-Library Loan Office at UBC.